YOUR 9 TO 5!

It was supposed to be a foolproof plan...working in Fairfax County Public Schools, one of the largest school divisions in the United States, opportunities should be plentiful. But when her principal told her that funding for her position as an English as a Second Language (ESOL)/Resource teacher would not be renewed, Veronica quickly realized that she had hit her ceiling of opportunity. After teaching 19 years in the classroom, she was ready for a change, a move beyond the 4 walls of the classroom. But how to go about doing this was one of the many questions in her journey into entrepreneurship. A dream Veronica had for many years, through many business ideas and ventures, but was afraid to step out on faith, until one day, she had no choice!


Trena Denson, TX

This 9-5 had me in chapter 3 speaking of the O’Jays music, money money money, I love the music & her tenacity to obtain her piece of happiness using her skills as a teacher to open several businesses that allowed her to prosper during a global pandemic. I love the analogy, made for the beginning of a very informative read. This author gives valuable information that is needed when starting the journey of entrepreneurship.

Nicholle Dunnigan, TN

This author had me intrigued when she brilliantly associated the money, money, money song by the O'Jays with the strength and courage that it took to leave a occupation that was clearly affecting her mental health, while being keenly aware of the financial burden her decision could make if she did not prosper. This authors step by step plan is so exciting.

Lauren Johnson, OH

Right out of the gate I can relate! This world definitely get more crazy and bizarre as I elevate. Having worked in the classroom this book definitely transported me back. Here again as I too can relate. I’m more sad that I wasn’t surprised that was the treatment and end result. But then, look at GOD! I could go on and on and this is just from a few paragraphs. I most definitely am ready to read the whole story.